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Gigi Edgley Links - the official website. Not much content there but nevertheless this is the website owned by gigi. This is probably the third or fourth attempt at a good website, and it is still lacking... Gigi does not seem to have much luck with the webmasters. Still, check it out as they usually drop some new info there, and Gigi needs these hits :)

Gigi Edgley Enthusiast Resource Service - easily the best and biggest gigi website on the net. If the stuff you are looking for is not there, then chances are it does not exist. Always up to date, and always full of stuff. Highly recomended.

The Ultimate - not really a Gigi related website but still a cool place. Please check it out. - again, not a Gigi related link. But I can't leave out the excelent website of my partner in crime. - I used alot of their content, so I'm posting a link here. It's one of the better Farscape related pages on the net (or at least it used to be).

My geeky personal website - this is not Gigi related but oh well...