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News and Updates


Added the random geeky quote at the front page, and the guesbook in the Contact section. The guestbook is hosted and generated by tripod's htmlgear. I would make my own, but unfortunately I have no (as in zero) server side scripting abilities here, and hence no way to write to files on the server.


The change of the layout is done. I also solved the snapping menu problem. When a link was clicked the menu was "snapping" back to it's initial state (because each page was re-drawing it). This was very anoying, as one had to open all the menus again, only to see them snapping back after following any link.

I solved this by setting a cookie each time the menu was unfolded, and then upon re-drawing the page cookies are read and menus are drawn in the right positions. This works only when cookies are enabled though - with cookies disabled the menu snapping effect is back.


The update that never was... I decided to approach the update again from a different angle. I'm trashing all the big graphics and image maps. Since this site is hosted at tripod I need to really watch my bandwidth. Since I'm going to be hosting as many images as I can fit here, the interface underwent a major redesign. I went for standard compliance, and heavy use of javascript for menus and navigational stuff. All the layout is done in css so that html is clean and unclutered as it is supposed to be. I hope you like this new incarnation of the site.

Because of the site revamp, most of the links on the Updates page will no longer be valid... Sorry.


Well, it's been almost a year since I last updated this page... Too long! There was never enough time, or occasion for me to do so. This used to be the biggest Gigi site on the net, with the best content around. But then The Gigi Edgley Enthusiast Resource Service appeared - and to tell you the truth, there is no way I could compete with that site. Knowing that there are sites out there that are doing this job much better than me (sites to which I go for the fresh Gigi stuff), lack of good resources, and time constraints were discouraging enough. Bad luck with the free servers that  hosted my site (namely crosswinds which deleted my site without warning 3 times, and tripod which cut down my web space from 50 megs to 20, forcing me to delete over 30MB of content) did not help either.
So it took me nearly a year to figure out what exactly do I want to do with this site, and I came up with a set of realistic goals and plans. First of all, I needed to completely rework the graphic design of the page. I was tired of the black and white design, and some of them were crappy. If you viewed it in 800x600 they looked fine, but anything higher and the choppy, uneven edges, visible borders on fadeouts and similar imperfections were coming out. I needed new design, and here it is. I hope you like it - someone told me it looks like a calculator. But that was kind off what I was going for - a high tech, shiny look. In the future I want to animate it in flash - but for now it's still basic HTML.
Second important goal was to cut down on the content. I hated the fact that 80% of time this site was down due to exceeding the bandwidth - so I will try to cut down on the amount of large files on the site. In addition having only 20 megs of space available, I can't really bring back all the galleries. So some of the content will be gone, at least for now.
Third goal was to get my ass in gear, and update it on a regular basis from now. We'll see how this plays out - but so far this is the game plan. I hope you enjoy the new look and feel of the site - feedback and comments are appreciated.

June 24 2002 Still working on relocating all of the files and getting the old galleries up. However I figured out that this should not stop me from updating this page with caps from the newest FS episodes. The caps for: Crichton Kicks , What Was Lost I: Sacrifice and What Was Lost II: Resurection , should be up shortly.

Please note that the galleries for S4 exist only on the crosswinds account . To keep the layout simple the both accounts exist simultaneously right now, but this will change as soon as I finish uploading all the files. Please click here to be redirected to the crosswinds account . Note that most of the galleries on crosswinds account are inactive at this point.

May 23 2002 I wanted to apologize everyone who visited my page during the last few days.  I was forced to downsize my site, to fit within the new 20 MB tripod server space allowance. Therefore as you may have noticed most of Farscape Galleries are down at this moment. I'm currently trying to work on a solution for this problem and I will try to bring back the galleries as soon as possible and also bring in some new content. I'm considering moving the site to another location - but this is the primary address of the site and that won't change soon, even if I decide to relocate some of my files. Please come back soon for more updates on this situation. 
March 12 2002 The new gallery with Gigi's caps from the new Beastmaster ep: The Aliance in the Gigi Galleries section is up now! Thank you un4scene!
March 9 2002 New DVD quality screen caps added to the A Clockwork Nebari gallery.

Gigi guest starred on a new episode of beastmaster - read more here . Check this site soon for screen caps from that show!

January 27 2002 Yup, this page is still alive. It was quite awhile since the last update but I'm back with some more goodies. I added some nice Chi/Gigi scans from Farscape Mag in the Main Gallery and Other Pictures setions. Enjoy!
December 24 2001 Merry Christmas everyone! Check out the new DVD quality caps for Dream a Little Dream from Season 2 ! Enjoy and have a safe and happy holidays!
December 13 2001 The Lost  World gallery is back! Wohoo! Thank you Un4scene! Go check it out now: Lost World.
November 27 2001 Gigi's Work section updated... Hmm, I think I forgot to upload the update page during the last update... Oh, well...
November 16 2001 Guess what? Today is Gigi's birtday! Happy Birthday Gigi! May all your wishes come true on this special day!

I made a special birthday pic for Gigi! Check it out here:

HPBGigi.jpg (109128 bytes)

November 8 2001 I updated Gigi's Work section. Now it includes more info on the other shows she did, synopsis and credits of the shows she appeared in and more. It's really hard to find info about some of the movies and shows she did, so if you have any info that I did not include there please let me know  and I will put it on the page. Thanks!
November 5 2001 Added some fresh new Burbank pics from in the Gigi Galleries section... Ok, so these are not really that new - we all saw lot's of pics from Burbank by now. Still, I have to say it: God, she is so beautiful...

Other news: my crosswinds account is back online. However I have no time or patience at this point to re-upload all the files without using ftp, and I'm not feeling like paying them to get ftp privileges. So until I find some time to fight with the crosswind system the page will stay here. I'll probably won't get to it before the end of the semester though...

October 2 2001 New Burbank pics added in the Gigi Galleries section -enjoy!
September 29 2001 Still working on getting the Lost Word gallery up. Meanwhile check out the new wallpaper I made in the Wallpapers gallery in Other Stuff section - it's made entirely out of Burbank Gigi pics. Enjoy!
September 27 2001 All the files except for the Lost World gallery should be up on the tripod server. Let me know if there are still some broken links out there. It appears that there's a chance that I will be able to get the old crosswinds account back. I'm not sure yet but it appears that crosswinds froze all accounts that provided incomplete or false data in their registration form. I will mail them and perhaps I will be able to get the old account back online. I will keep you posted!
September 26 2001 Still continuing to upload the files. This page takes up around 40 megs and with 56k modem uploading is not going that fast. Thank god tripod allows to use ftp... I would die if I would have to upload so much stuff using their built in service. Majority of galleries should be up by now. I'm uploading the directories in batches in alphabetical order so any episode galleries with titles starting with A through P should be up by now. The rest of the galleries will be back up shortly so keep checking back. The Lost World gallery is still missing. Probably if you go there right now you will basically see a page with bunch of broken links to pics. The thumbnails won't show up, as they are not yet there. But don't worry they will be back - it's only a matter of time now. Thank you for your patience!
September 25 2001 The big move has started. I lost my account on crosswinds, so I temporarily moved my site here to tripod. Hopefully I will be able to get back to crosswinds soon, and get the old URL back... But for now welcome to the new URL. Check this page for updates - if I move again I will definitely leave a link to the new site here.

Some galleries and parts of the site my not work at all, as I'm still in the process of moving and backing up the files. I will try to get all the files up as soon as possible. The lost world gallery will be down for some time now since I lost the files along with my crosswinds account. But un4scene backed them up for me so they should be up soon. Thanks for understanding, and sorry for the inconvenience.

As I promised I have some nice updates in this Farscape draught time! I just added a fresh new gallery full of Gigi pics from Burbank 2001 con in the Gigi Galleries section . Enjoy!

August 25 2001 The gallery for this weeks ep Fractures is up in the Season 3 section. Unfortunately Scifi channel is taking a break in showing new episodes - so we won't see the season finale till around January. Hopefully I will be able to update this site with some new stuff from time to time while we wait to see Gigi again in Jan.
August 19 2001 Now that i'm back from my vacation I will try to make the updates more frequent. Sorry for the delay in getting the RA caps up. Today I decided to put the pictures I did for the Gigi con book up on the page so that everyone can see them. I hope you will like them, because they most probably will end up in the book Gigi will get at the Burbank con. Check out the Con Book Art 2001 gallery in the Other Stuff section.
August 18 2001 The new Season 3 gallery for Ravanging Angel is up!
August 02 2001 Wohoo! I was talking about if for weeks and now it finally happened! The Lost World Gallery is finally here, and it's huuuge!  Thank you un4scene!!! Go check it out NOW!
July 31 2001 I added a direct link to Gigi's interview video clip from last years San Diego comic con and a direct link to her Titanic Dreams Seeing Ear Theather play on in the Other  Stuff section. 

Please note that these files have not been saved on this crosswinds account do the terms of service and the fact that they are not mine.

July 29 2001 New galleries for Vitas Mortis , Die My Dichtomy , and Lairs, Guns & Money III were added to Season 2 galleries. Enjoy!

Saw Gigi on Lost World - the show itself was horrible, but she was absolutely amazing (she always is!). It's really great to see her out of the makeup once in a while. I'll try to get the screen caps up sometime soon...

July 28 2001 

I added two more pictures to the Gigi Con Pictures gallery - enjoy! The Lost World screen caps are coming up soon...

July 26 2001 The Gigi Con Pictures were updated with few more pics - go and check them out.
July 23 2001 Hey, now is your chance to send Gigi a fan message that will be delivered to her at the Burbank Con. Check this post at the Dom for general info about the Con Books for Farscape stars. This is the post of Air_n_Sun dealing with the details on Gigi Con Book. Dedline for submitting most Con Book entries is August 15th so there is still lot's of time.

Gigi is appearing on Lost World - the episode is called The Guardian and was aired this Sunday (this may be different in your area). If you missed it, you will be probable able to catch it on Sun night or Monday reruns - check your local TV listings and set the VCR's! If everything goes well, I should be able to get the caps up sometime next week.

July 22 2001 I added a gallery of Pip's Place Banners I did some time ago for the Banner Contest in the Other Stuff section.
July 21 2001 New Season 3 gallery for this weeks ep Scratch & Sniff added - lot's of Chi in that ep!!!

Next week's ep is a two parter - so it seems that we will have to wait whole 3 weeks for next episode with Chiana! That's just not fair!

July 18 2001 New Season 2 galleries for Lairs Guns and Money II: With Friends Like These , and for Dream a Little Dream and Beware of the Dog .
July 16 2001 New Season 2 galleries for Look at the Princes trilogy: A Kiss is But a Kiss , I do, I think and also for A Clockwork Nebari and Picture if You Will were added.
July 15 2001 Two new Season 3 galleries for Thanks for Sharing and Incubator   were added. Enjoy!
July 11 2001 Two Farscape Magazine pics added to Other Chiana Pictures and the Main Gallery .
July 08 2001 Loosing Time gallery updated - few more pics has been added to that gallery. The Hidden Memories , Taking the Stone , Crackers don't Matter , Home on the Remains and Mind the Baby galleries are also up! The full images may not be uploaded for the next few hours - please be patient. All the full size caps from previous updates are uploaded now.
July 07 2001 The DVD quality galleries for Nerve , Family Ties , A Bugs Life   and Through the Looking Glass are up. All the galleries are high quality DVD screen captures (as usual made by un4scene)  - enjoy. The full size images may not be uploaded for few more hours - thank you for your patience.Also Eat Me gallery made up of screen caps is up. 

Un4scene'11s Hidden Memorries are back! Please go and check this awesome site, with huge DVD quality galleries for each episode! 
July 03 2001 I added Gigi Con Pictures in the Gigi Galleries section. Also a big Durka Returns gallery of S1 chi screen caps is up. All the pics in DR gallery are DVD quality. Please don't worry if the files won't load after clicking on the thumbnail. They may not be uploaded yet (large files), but should be there very soon - please come back again.
July 02 2001 Gigi Galleries updated - I added one pic in the Main Gallery and a gallery of Water Rats Screen Caps . I also aded few new pics in Other Chiana Pictures
July 01 2001 Chiana S3 Galleries updated - galleries for Season of Death , Suns & Lovers , Self Inflicted Wounds I and II and Different Destinations were added. Also gallery of Other Chiana Pictures , featuring magazine scans and publicity shots is up. 3 new Gigi wallpapers added to the Other Stuff section. 

June 30 2001

The site launch - the basics of the site are up. There's still lot's of work to do. Only two galleries are active now - Gigi Gallery and Loosing Time Chiana screen captures page.