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Gigi's Work

TV and Movies

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Water Rats
(Guest Star - Quicksilver Productions)
Beastmaster 105, 315
(Guest Star - Coyote & Hayes)
Lost World
(Guest Star - Coyote & Hayes)
(Regular - Henson Productions)
Day of the Roses
(Starring - Liberty & Beyond)
The Monkey's Mask
The Bastard
(Starring - Independent Film)
Him and Her
(Starring - Independent Film)
Black Jack
The Secret Life of Us
(Guest Star - GTV9)

Theather Credits

Kill Everything you Love
(Emma - QPAT Brisbane)
The Rover
(Helena QUT)
Boy's Life
(Maggie and Carla - QUT)
Romeo and Juliet
(Benvolio - Boston Shakesperean)
The Caged Birds
(The Wild One - 202 Studio Works)
Blue People
(French Maid - Promedade)
The Princess and the Pea
(Princess - Brisbane Arts Theatre)
Picnic at Hanging Rock
(Sara - Twelfth Night Theathre)
Titanic Dreams
(Woman - The Seeing Ear Theatre)

Musical Performances

(Vocal - n8)
When You Get to California
(Video Guest Appearance - HooDoo Gurus)